There’s one thing for sure! Our son spent almost 12 months tormenting his blood glucose curves with nonchalance and procrastination. Did it have anything to do with his age? My feeling as a parent is that we’ve been through a teenage crisis. And that adolescence with type 1 diabetes is exacerbated!

Accompanying our child becomes complicated, and turns into surveillance in spite of myself.

I felt terribly helpless in the face of his attitude and its consequences. Such as chronic hyperglycemia, most often due to miscalculation of carbohydrates, the fact that he shifts his boluses because he hides his injections, or the fact that he monitors his blood sugar levels poorly. And above all, there’s his indifference. After several unequivocal HbA1c, has he reached the end of his experiment in letting go of his diabetes management?


Off to the gym

The confinement was an opportunity for him to take up weight training! We’d managed to find her the few dumbbells still available, and a rubber band and a chair completed her equipment. Every day, he worked off his energy, alone in his room.

Then he was disappointed by the lack of visible results to which he aspired. Managing his blood sugar levels was still a secondary concern.
We encouraged him to continue his efforts to strengthen his muscles, which were also beneficial for his surfing and skateboarding sessions. But the fact is, she was missing something to find her balance.

Something or someone?

For him, the support was a response to his expectations! The gym has become his place of refuge, a constructive one at that, and something that gives him self-confidence and pushes him to improve. The onsite coach has become a positive adult reference in her construction.


How grateful my mother is! Franck, the coach, guides his efforts and structures the landings. It outlines objectives and suggests ways of achieving them. It has profoundly sculpted our son’s willpower and led him to become involved in his well-being.

This goodwill naturally extended to managing her blood sugar curves, to feel better and be at her best. To avoid penalising hypoglycaemia. To give your body the best possible conditions.

His motivations for building muscle are obviously very specific 17 years old, young adult, mass gain and the visible appearance of his musculature. Its carbohydrate calculations, for example, are coupled with its protein dosages. It suits me fine!

Marion from diab’n fit is a sports coach who is herself a type 1 diabetic, and her knowledge of our constraints is an asset that she generously shares on social networks.

Marion’s Instagram

Marion’s Facebook page


I admit I needed to participate in my own way in my Loulou’s sporting development.

Reading Marion’s guide was a special moment between mother and son.

You can download her guide free of charge from her website!

Marion’s website

Marion’s experience provides a very concrete approach to the context and issues that concern us all. It’s a weapon and, above all, a motivating force that removes psychological obstacles!

Marion also offers personalized support, which I’m considering because diabetes is undoubtedly an additional factor that deserves in-depth knowledge. And I don’t want to deprive us of his expertise in this area!

If you have any psychological reservations about taking up the sport, a visit to Gisèle’s instagram or FB account during a boxing session will help you relax! A breath of fresh air and a vision of limits that takes perspective! With a pump and a sensor that are put to the test.

Gisèle’s Instagram

La belle et le diabète Facebook page

Beauty and Diabetes Instagram

So today I can say that yes, sport is an answer.

Yes, sharing is a source of motivation, and coaching is a source of wealth!

This is my opinion as the mother of a dt1 teenager whom I’ve seen blossom thanks to bodybuilding.

Courage to the parents who are going through these turning points in our children’s lives dt1.

Thank you Franck, thank you Marion, thank you Gisèle and thank you Teiva.

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