There you go! It had to happen… Our bear cub leaves the nest!

For 7 days all right! A school trip to England! He’s obviously very happy. Memories of my own trip to England come flooding back: the cucumber triangle sandwiches, the little packet of potato chips and the sugary drink that made up our meals and made us know hunger… I’m hardly exaggerating!

So as soon as I heard about his 12-hour coach journey and 3-night stay with his host family, I immediately packed a suitcase to protect him from any worries about his blood sugar levels. Mental workload: 100%! Objective: comfort and confidence for us and our boy. This way, I can ward off the fear of hypoglycemia, hunger and the hectic management of his diabetes, since he’ll be far away, too happy to enjoy an adventure with his mates!

What a strange mix of feelings.

The ideal opportunity to learn to trust.


Let’s put our trust in all our diabetic children

diabetes has imposed a vital maturity. They sense their illness and often know before their sensor, before their meter, what their glycemic state is or will be. We’re still often amazed by the way he interprets his blood sugar levels, and the accuracy of the “bolus” our teddy predicts, always in accordance with the schedule drawn up by his pediatric diabetologist, of course.

Yes, he’ll manage his Lantus on the bus! He didn’t wait for us to program a 9pm alarm for his Lantus on his smartphone, which he uses most of the time as a reader thanks to the Freestyle Libre app.

Yes, he’ll manage his pre-prandial boluses because he’s concerned 24 hours a day and diabetes is now part of him… He’ll always take something to eat with him (and even something to eat thanks to our pantry suitcase 😉

It will probably be outside the glycemic target range

but the prospect of spending a great week with his class of 25 third-year Jazz and Maths students in English, his best buddies and the two nicest teachers, will surely be achieved! What luck!

We didn’t tell him our memories of our stay in England, our anxieties, our fears, so that he would be free to live his adventure.


Parents take part in diabetes

That’s our role as parents: we accompany them on a daily basis to help with diabetes, to relieve, to share. We’re all viscerally involved, dad, mom, his little sister, his friends… so yes, he’s armed to enjoy this week away from us!

We believe that the involvement of each family member builds their autonomy.

Isn’t that the role of parents? Teaching cubs to leave the nest?

Our trust gives them the freedom to walk away – diabetes is part of the adventure!

In CM2, when our teddy bear declared his diabetes, his teacher asked us to accompany him on his many school outings. It was a relief because, obviously, we found it hard to leave him alone. We were lucky enough to meet this wonderful teacher. Madame Dupin knew nothing about diabetes and consulted all theAJD documentation we had sent her! Madame Dupin is so formidable that she alone deserves an article on our blog!

Thanks you miss Dupin!


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