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For us, manufacturing in France is an essential vocation

We have taken great care to create lasting, trusting partnerships with those involved in every stage of our project.

For a responsible approach

The manufacturer of our pastilles is an independent laboratory based in Vendée. Always ready to listen, he’s been with us since the beginning of our adventure.

Together we have sought the purest composition for our dextrose pastilles.
dextrose pastilles.
We also looked for the right balance between flavors, most of which are natural, and texture.


Our first request was for a dextrose content of 4 grams per Gluc Hypo to guarantee effective resugaring. Our aim is also to offer a pastille that is pleasant to crunch or melt in the mouth. Because suffering from hypoglycemia deserves a sympathetic re-sugaring.

From Aquitaine to the Vendée, we’re on the Atlantic coast, and this imprint is part of our DNA.

Our environment is one of our main concerns.
Manufacturing in France is also our way of reducing our carbon footprint by favoring short circuits, while promoting French employment.

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All consom’actors

Today, more than ever, our choices have consequences.

We’re all consumers, so at Glours we choose to start with our own actions.

Quality first and foremost

Committing to our entrepreneurial and family adventure by choosing the most reasonable solutions is a balance that is an integral part of our objectives. The origin of the ingredients, but also the packaging and the means used are sometimes compromises, but always well-considered choices.

Our son is our first customer, and you can be sure that we’ve worked hard to develop and manufacture Gluc Hypo. To provide him and you with a fast, practical, simple and responsible resugaring solution.


There are still many avenues for development. It’s a chance for us to evolve and improve. As the parents of a type 1 diabetic child, we are concerned by the quality of our Gluc Hypo products, and we’ll make sure that our high standards are maintained at all times.

As parents, we are aware that the future is precious and that we, as adults, are responsible for our children.

Every act counts. We have chosen a sensible present for a more respectful future.

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Preserving our planet

Because every gesture counts…

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Made in France

ELABORATED & MANUFACTURED in France From the Landes to the Vendée, we are Atlantic Coast

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