We share our healthy and delicious recipes with you

Our recipes for pleasure and health

Food is one of the joys of our daily lives: it gives rhythm to our days, brings us together, comforts us or makes us stronger, makes us accomplices, makes us curious.

Food is important to us!

Diabetes adds an important parameter to our food choices, and sometimes to our cravings.

La cuisine a toujours eu une place importante chez nous

elle est le fruit de notre histoire, de transmissions. La cuisine est aussi une source privilégiée de découvertes, d’essais.

Balancing our menus

Putting functional
functional insulin therapy
by targeting needs as closely as possible. Compose a plate that respects your appetite. Don’t neglect the day’s program, take the energy you need. And then weigh or calculate carbohydrates by estimating, often starting by reading the nutritional values. Cooking has always played an important role for us, and is the fruit of our history and the passing on of generations. Cooking is also a privileged source of discovery and experimentation.

healthy, balanced cooking

Today, our kitchen is a family kitchen, dedicated to our diabetic son. My principle is that diabetes deserves healthy, balanced cooking and that what’s good for my boy is good for the whole family. Sharing a hearty meal is always a good time!

Here you’ll find our recipes, glycemically tested and approved by the GLOURS family.

Recipes that are often simple and within everyone’s reach. I hope to surprise and delight you.

Summer Tabbouleh

Quick, easy, friendly, balanced and delicious, tabbouleh is the dish to take everywhere in summer! Lebanese dish with many recipes, we give you ours…


Vegetable pie

Tips and advice for a delicious, healthy and balanced recipe that’s sure to please the whole family!


Bon appétit

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