Jar of 50 tablets from Gluc Hypo will ensure that you always have a sugar-replenishing solution to hand, at home, at work, and in every part of your life. This jar will also allow you to refill the tube.

In a tube of 10 lozenges, they are practical to take with you and keep with your pocket, bag, satchel or glove compartment. To have a resugaring solution available at all times.

Gluc Hypo tablets are easy to dose. Each lozenge contains 4 grams of sugar.

Gluc Hypo lozenges are easy to absorb. They melt in the mouth thanks to their fine dextrose compression.

We offer 4 flavors so you can vary your tastes or find your favorite.

Tube de 10 pastilles de glucose

Trois autres parfums sont disponibles en pots de 50 pastilles.

Practical and discreet

Designed to follow you every day, the Tutti-Frutti tube tube lets you take your resuckering solution everywhere!

Gluc Hypo X Le Jardin d’Aubépine

The tube of Gluc Hypo has become an essential and accompanies you everywhere?

Gluc Hypo and Le Jardin d’Aubépine are delighted to be working together to bring you a cheerful personalized tube!

At Glours, we know how valuable it is to bring a touch of gentleness to diabetes management.

Le Jardin d’Aubépine brightens up your insulin pumps, blood glucose sensors, meters and Gluc Hypo tube!

Tube le jardin d'aubépine X Glours glycémie

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A purified formulation to keep only the essentials.

One lozenge of Gluc Hypo is 4 grams of dextrose and just enough to guarantee the taste and stability of Gluc Hypo, nothing more .

Mastered ingredients:

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Dextrose 89. 7% (German origin. Dextrose is a simple sugar derived from corn. It is chemically identical to glucose, our blood sugar)

Maltodextrin 6. 3% (derived from starch, it is a texture and filler agent. It helps compress dextrose)

Flavor 2% (Natural blackcurrant or cherry flavor. Tutti Frutti is an artificial flavoring)

Citric acid 1% (A natural flavor enhancer and acidifier. It preserves the tablet)

Magnesium stearate 1% (synthetic product derived from plants, it is an anti-caking agent. Thanks to lipids, it ensures tablet homogeneity)

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French quality for a product designed and produced on the Atlantic coast

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Precautions for use :

Gluc Hypo is a sweetening food product. Gluc Hypo has a high glycemic index. Be careful not to contaminate your blood glucose meters with dextrose powder which may escape from the jar or tube when opened. A desiccant capsule stamped “do not eat” is included in each box of 50 lozenges to preserve moisture content. The tube is the ideal container to ensure optimum preservation of the tablets when you’re on the move.

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