Gluc Hypo – Tube of 10 Lozenges

Tutti-Frutti aroma

The Tutti-Frutti tube

The tube that goes everywhere, all the time!

Contains 10 lozenges of Tutti-Frutti flavoured Gluc Hypo.

Each tablet contains 4 grams of dextrose.

The Tutti-Frutti tube is a return to childhood with a candy-like aroma.

With its tangy flavours and light, airy scent, it’s sure to please little children, grown-ups and adults alike.

Slip the tube into your pocket, bag, satchel or glove compartment and take it with you wherever you go.

It can be refilled at will.


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89.7% dextrose, 6.3% maltodextrin, 2% flavor, anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids; acidifying agent: citric acid.

Dextrose: origin Germany.

Additional information

Weight 0.061 kg
Dimensions 2.8 × 9.1 cm


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