GLOURS.Instants.type.1 was born of our family history

We learn from our illness every day, and we look for solutions through comforting and constructive human exchanges to make everyday life easier.

We created GLOURS out of a desire to bring together
our experiences with type 1 diabetes.

GLOURS is first and foremost a family blog to share our type 1 moments in all simplicity.

We propose themes for reflection and observations. A small logbook collects our anecdotes and tells what we like. A great deal of attention is given to food, because we are gourmets and a balanced diet is inseparable from a better diabetes experience.

You’ll also find us on social networks. Each communication format offers a way to stay together, to cultivate contact with those who want to.

It is the human relationships with the community of people living with diabetes that have motivated our entrepreneurial adventure and encourage us today.

is the core of our natural impulse: to use our experience to improve the daily lives of children and adults with diabetes.

We were soon overwhelmed by the problem of resugaring. We had hard-to-crunch packaged sugar cubes everywhere!

Juice was our alternative, as often as possible. We’ve also avoided using sweets and confectionery as a remedy, so that they remain a pleasure. We’ve been looking for glucose to treat hypoglycemia, but the solutions on offer – usually in sports stores – are not suitable for everyday use.

It’s because we can’t find comfortable solutions for
resugaring hypoglycemia
that we have chosen to manufacture
our pastilles
with 4 grams of flavored quick sugar.

We wanted these tablets to be practical to take with you, discreet to carry around and easy and precise to dose!

As soon as the first symptoms of hypoglycemia appear, resugaring is quick and easy.

Our son was our first source of inspiration.
Our values have guided every choice we’ve made.

Any questions?

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