Vaea and olivier

We’re the lucky parents of a teenager and his little sister. Our son is
type 1 diabetic
since April 18, 2016 (a memorable date for us). He was 10 at the time, it was April vacation, and our lives took an unexpected turn that day…

Understanding and living with diabetes

First, we had to understand, assimilate and organize. Our emergency care, support and training in the treatment of diabetes in the pediatric department of the Dax hospital were remarkable.

Her life has been reinvented, of course, but we’ve all been involved in this adventure: her little sister, family, friends… For us, it’s important to share diabetes so that we can live with it better.

Paradoxically, this diagnosis was a relief:
explained many worrying symptoms, including mood swings… Her glycated hemoglobin was 15%. We felt guilty for not having discovered his diabetes sooner. We now realize the importance of communicating the signs of diabetes, so that any new diagnosis can be made as early as possible.

Our boy has adapted to his new habits, punctuated by blood glucose and insulin measurements, curves in the target range and days and nights completely off, made up of hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, therapeutic regimens of units to be injected, skilful measurements of the number of carbohydrates on the plate, motivated rigor… and life-saving cracks!

We, too, had to find our feet, accompany and supervise without being too intrusive (the teenage years make parents walk on eggshells). Above all, we’ve had to learn to trust our son, because he’s the one living with this diabetes and he’s building his own life.

An emblem of strength and a benevolent parent, the bear has become our totem animal.

We knew nothing about diabetes before we became involved. This apprenticeship has profoundly transformed us all. That’s what life’s all about!

We have a great deal of respect for all diabetics, because they have incomparable strength and courage in managing this invisible and restrictive form of diabetes on a daily basis. Now we too are familiar with these “type 1 moments”.

Welcome to our blog!
We wish you all a pleasant reading.

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